Try Outs - Membership cuts coming up 08/20/2016

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Try Outs - Membership cuts coming up 08/20/2016

Post by NitrousBabyGirl on Thu Aug 18, 2016 5:23 pm

To all HORIZON DRAGONS ranked Muscle...

We do appreciate you joining our crew and helping us grow. We will continue to grow and recruit.
However, through this last growth phase as a crew we become stronger if we take a moment to review and cut members who have been inactive or unproductive in helping other crew members.

Some members will be released from the crew starting Saturday evening through Sunday...

You are subject to be removed if you fall into the following three categories:

  1. You are ranked Muscle
  2. You have been inactive with crew
  3. You do not have DRGZ tags

*note* it is not yet a requirement to have DRGZ tags to be in this crew, but you must be active in order to have another crews tags and be in ours. And most of those players already know who they are and are ranked representative or above already.

If you are cut, or dont want to be cut, and feel you fall into the category above, let me know you wish to stay in Dragons crew ASAP.

[DRGZ] NitrousBabyGirl - aka - Sabrina Cool


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