Crew Meet Up - 2016 09/01 Thursday 9PM EST / 2AM GMT

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Crew Meet Up - 2016 09/01 Thursday 9PM EST / 2AM GMT

Post by NitrousBabyGirl on Thu Sep 01, 2016 1:26 am

All right Dragons - this is our first Crew Meetup - lets try to show up
Dont expect a ton at first , but after a while this will catch on and we will have lots of fun just doing different things at these crew parties!

For now this is just going to be a car meet up at the Playboy Mansion. Cool

I will have a private Crew Session and invite all who are online.

- Must have DRGZ Tags to join - Full fledged Dragons only Twisted Evil
- Must be wearing Crew Colors - get decked out! Wear our emblem if you know how Like a Star @ heaven
- Bring you coolest crew Car decked out with Black , Red, and white colors and emblems! Cool

We will line our cars up and take some photos around the mansion, up by the front, and then around the back by the pool.
Have an outfit saved that's a bathing suit if you like and we can take some pictures in the pool - they have a cool Jacuzzi in a cave
- Guys might see some topless women walking around  Shocked lol
- Girls - please show up - we have lots of girl players in the crew - come join me sistas

While we wait for people to show up, please be patient!
Dont explode teammates cars Evil or Very Mad
Dont shoot partygoers a the mansion Evil or Very Mad
just chill for a minute Cool
message crew mates take pictures and stuff  Cool
we wont be able to line our whips and rides up for nice pictures if we are having police helicopters sniping us Evil or Very Mad
Save the explosions and shootouts for the end of the party after everyone that's going to join has, and we've got our photos!  Razz

For those who dont know the mansion is located here at the NW corner of the golf course
Youll see our my dot there.
Limousines welcome
the best photos that get taken will be added to this post

See you there Dragons!
- Sabrina aka NitrousBabyGirl


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